Spooky Dining Experiences in London

It’s that time of year again and the only thing scarier than Halloween is the midterm mark you’re about to get back.

There are three groups of people who share a particular affinity for Halloween:

  1. Children
  2. Post-Secondary Students
  3. Foodies

I happen to be all three.

Just Kidding. Kind of.

sunday market (2)Children and post-secondary students love to dress up (or down if you’re a student).
Children and foodies love to eat candy.
Students and foodies love to eat free candy since most of us will be paying back student loans until we die.

But what do all three have in common? What could the connection possibly be between costumes and food?

That’s it!

The Halloween dinner party–an event where partygoers can enjoy the best of both worlds by dressing up AND eating. A win-win.

sunday market (1)

Lucky for you, there happens to be two spooky dining experiences right here in London you can check out this Halloween.

The Halloween Soirée

Located at The Hive, The Halloween Soirée is set to be a night of fun, food and fear. In costumes, guests will enjoy a three-course vegan meal, followed by a séance after dinner. If you don’t want to wait two hours in line to get into Frog’s, head on over to The Hive on October 30th to enjoy some delicious food and maybe even summon some spirits.

Murder for Hire 

If you want to get really involved, round up a group of friends and book a dinner party with Murder for Hire. Located at Marienbad Restaurant downtown London, Murder for Hire is an interactive dinner theatre that provides murder mystery dining experiences for groups. Costumes are not mandatory, but they are strongly encouraged and who doesn’t love an excuse to be somebody else anyway? Complete with original scripts and skilled actors, this dining experience pulls you right in on the action. Don’t get too distracted by the decadent courses because a guest from your table could go missing

And if you can’t make it out, host your own!


What was your favourite Halloween candy growing up?

One thought on “Spooky Dining Experiences in London

  1. This is awesome, I had no idea Halloween dinner experiences even existed in London Ontario. I love the alternative idea to going out, and this is something I definitely will be considering this year. Your content is very original, keep up the good work!

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